Monday, October 13, 2008

Molluscan Zodiac

In case the regular zodiac is no longer interesting enough to entertain you as you consult it for "advice," once you know a thing or two about mollusks, this may be a superior alternative. Even though I'm providing this link on my blog, I want to make it perfectly clear to my students that regardless of the form it may take, even molluscan, astrology is bunk. But even this crotchety skeptic is amused to see that her molluscan sign is The Barnacle (which is not actually a mollusk, but more on that another time).


farrell said...

this is great! i always thought i had a special connection with limpets.

Sarah S. said...

If you're born on July 26th you share a birthday with the most ill-fated mollusk of all - the slugs.


Sasha said...

I'll believe in any zodiac that tells me to eat fish :D

Plus, mussels are extremely cool.