Friday, October 12, 2012

The inspiring Vi Hart

Having just finished my midterm check-in with the class on how the course is going, I’ve been reflecting on my teaching, particularly the lectures for invertebrate zoology.  I like to think my lectures are content-rich and characterized by enthusiasm for the material and that the energy I bring serves as an invitation for students to engage more deeply with the class content.  My speaking style has been influenced by many people, and I am amused to sometimes hear echoes of their voices coming through in my lectures.  Sometimes channeling my inner Diver Ed is a very effective teaching tool.  Vi Hart is someone else whose expertise and exuberance I greatly admire.  I’ll never be able to match her speed of presentation, probably to my students’ relief.  This post was really just an excuse to share these cool videos on hexaflexagons.

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Teresa Bompczyk said...

I love Vi Hart! Her videos, more specifically the ones on Fibonacci spirals, allowed me to keep my love for math while high school courses were doing the opposite.. she's so great!